Cleaning Method

Our cleaning method avoids solvents and moisture being leaked into the interior of the unit that can eventually cause a breakdown of the lubricants that keep the unit running smoothly. What used to take several days, even weeks to complete, we can do in the span of eight to ten hours. In this short time,we are able to thoroughly clean your escalator or moving walkway and leave it dry, and ready for immediate use.


California Escalator Cleaning has a superior specialty service through the introduction of a unique, purpose designed automatic escalator scrubber/drier. The machine  has been manufactured specifically for thorough and comprehensive cleaning of escalators.

This escalator cleaner cleans by doing what no other machine can do, it is fitted onto stationary escalator, sprays a measured, minimal amount of chemical solution onto the step and riser, which is then agitated onto the surfaces by brushes too soft to cause any damage to either the aluminum or anodized and painted surfaces, but hard enough to remove tough dirt and grease.

The chemical has been specifically formulated for use on all types of escalators. Dirt is removed by chemical action combined with gentle and effective friction, as the brushes serve to transport the dirt onto a collection tray from where it is removed by vacuum to a holding tank.

The escalator surface is left clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits. During the cleaning process the machine operator and there assistant removes all embedded foreign matter; which could damage the escalator combs and steps. An important aspect of this cleaning process is that all sand, dirt and spillage which would normally have combined with oil and grease to form a grinding paste in the escalator mechanism, are completely removed.


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