Customer Service Dedication


Our conscientious technicians are fully licensed, insured, bonded and covered by workers compensation insurance.

We use the most advanced equipment and solutions available.  

Our commitment to training is expressed through the fact that no technicians are assigned to a job until they have been fully trained and tested in the specific requirements of that job, techniques, equipment, chemicals and safety (including blood borne pathogen handling and OSHA standards).

Our work is regularly inspected and upgrading of skills is emphasized. We attend professional seminars and seek associations to help stay current with the latest trends in our industry.

Our commitment to quality is expressed in our near perfect retention rate of clients coupled with a low technician turnover rate.  If clients desire, we will
conduct escalator inspections with their staff on a regular basis. Most importantly, our satisfied clients will attest to our quality! 

California Escalator Cleaning delivers VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY by tailoring a program that meets your specific needs and is COST EFFECTIVE. We provide 110% GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION. We do not promise to do things which we do not intend to do. We follow a business axiom which is simple and effective. We tell our clients exactly what we are going to do and then we deliver it!

Our trained, tested and experienced technicians are committed to providing you with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

With the combination of price, customer service, and dedication, we’re positive you will agree that California Escalator Cleaning is the best choice for your escalator and moving travelator/walkway cleaning needs utilizing the Rotomac, Rotofast and Duplex Escalator Cleaning systems.

California Escalator Cleaning is pleased to announce a quick and affordable alternative. Using a 'Rotomac 330' and Rotomac 340 escalator cleaning machine, we will transform an escalator's old treads and risers from looking gray, dirty and tarnished, to their original bright and highly polished appearance.

This process takes hours, not days, and can be completed after hours, causing no disruption to the daytime use of the escalators. You no longer need to be satisfied with the existing low standards that, until now, have lowered your facility's high profile image. Just one or two applications per year can enable you to achieve and maintain a level of cleanliness on your escalators in keeping with the image your company likes to project.

  • Your low cost cleaning solution for step treads and vertical risers.
  • Approved by all major escalator manufacturers.
  • No dis-assembly of escalator steps means no escalator downtime.
  • No need to remove steps.
  • Cleans horizontal and VERTICAL faces.
  • Chemical injection deep clean.
  • Minimum downtime.
  • Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Safe.

All too often, the cleaning of escalators uprights is a problem that receives little attention. The resulting eyesores of dull, grimy aluminum steps detract from the otherwise high standards of cleanliness throughout many facilities. Attempts to clean by hand have proved time consuming and laborious, while expert dismantling to allow for specialist cleaning

takes an escalator out of action for several days, an expensive and inconvenient solution.

  "Our Quality Work Today, is our Reputation Tomorrow!"