Rotomac 340

The Rotomac 340 escalator cleaner in the best in the world that can automatically and simultaneously deep clean both horizontal and VERTICAL parts of the escalator step without interfering with the escalator. Compared to conventional cleaning methods (tiresome cleaning by hand) the ergonomically comfortable, and provides fast, reliable and extremely thorough cleaning of all visible step surfaces.

One operator is sufficient for the safe and easy handling, transportation and operation of the Rotomac 340.

The Rotomac 340 is a compact scrubber drier designed for the scrubbing of escalator treads and risers with simultaneous removal of the water and chemical. It leaves the escalator clean and dry, and ready for immediate use. It cleans the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the stationary escalator in one operation. This level of performance makes it suitable for the cleaning of escalators in: airports, railway stations, department stores, shopping centers, hospitals, conference and exhibition centers.

The Rotomac 340 reduces cleaning and maintenance costs of an escalator considerably compared to other methods. Now it is possible to clean an escalator in a few hours instead of a few days as was previously the case. It efficiently and thoroughly removes all the dirt and debris normally found on the aluminum of die-cast escalator steps. 

Quick overview of advantages:     

  • on site cleaning, no need to remove the steps
  • simultaneous cleaning of the tread and riser (Vertical Step)
  • adjustable step height between 18.5 and 23 cm
  • simple handling through automated cleaning process, qualified and measurable performance
  • effortless to operate
  • choice of 3 programmed cleaning cycles
  • economical water/cleaning solution consumption
  • simple to change brushes
  • wet cleaning of all visible step surfaces


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Duplex Escalator Cleaner

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